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❝ ‬I’d like to resume my therapy.❞‬‬

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make me choose: foamsprite → fear cuts deeper than swords or the lone wolf dies but the pack survives

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make me choose » stelena or scallison (asked by coltonsdylan)

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Europe - inspired by (x)

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get to know me meme: 5/5 favorite celebrities sebastian stan
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Will Graham in 2.08 Su-zakana
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You've given so much.
-->Graceless Garrison's Bi-Weekly Challenge: Team Free Will
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dad gets mad at me for taking too long in the shower but he doesn’t understand. i have more to do in there than he does:

  • shave my legs & armpits
  • face mask + face scrub
  • compile a mental list of people i must kill
  • full body sea salt scrub
  • wash my stupidly long hair
  • contemplate life
  • perform  a full reenactment of west side story

one is not like the others.

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